My Summer

August 1, 2011

So, Summer is coming to a close and I have managed to avoid my blog entirely, not on purpose of course, I’ve just had little inspiration to write. This is my first year out of school, and I must admit, it feels a bit strange. I haven’t done any shoots over the summer, but I have had many life changing events from my wedding to the surprise of my first pregnancy.

All is well in the Spiro household, no tragedies or sorrows to speak of. Hopefully I will soon have a recipe to share with everyone, but until then, here are some Summer memories…







Panama City Beach was breathtaking this year. The last time I had visited I was twelve years old. Everything seemed to be exactly as I last left it. Stephen and I sat out on the beach for hours, not wanting to ever leave.









For Stephen’s 22nd birthday we headed to the Cincinnati Zoo. All of the animals were pretty amazing, but it was the birds that caught most of my attention this time. This particular bird is a Steller’s Sea Eagle. 











Seeing my first child is probably my favorite Summer memory. Oh the joys of being a mother.


Studio Project

January 22, 2011

So, my new apartment has this massive storage room. The space is a huge blessing for me. It is located directly off of the living-room, has electrical outlets and excellent lighting. I do not need the space for storage, so I have decided to use it as a studio space.

Studio Space

A working space is very important for artists. Being in a cramped corner is not good for creative flow or general attitude. Having a space of my own that I can completely customize to suit my needs is a wonderful thing.

My first objective is to clean the space up. It needs a good sweeping and dusting. I also need to find a responsible use for the over abundance of carpets lying on the floor. This is where I am currently stuck. I would love to send the carpets to be recycled, but it is very expensive to recycle carpet! I have thought to cut the larger carpet into 1ft squares and find a way to naturally dye it. I haven’t researched the idea much, but a tiled rug would definitely be a wonderful thing to gain considering how much they cost in store. I still have no idea what to do with the smaller rugs though. Obviously I will look for a new home for them first, but beyond that I am lost. I am asking my readers for help. I need ideas or tips to make my studio more eco-friendly and budget friendly.

Take A Chance On Me

January 22, 2011

First off I would like to share that this is one of the biggest leaps I have ever taken. Almost nothing terrifies me more than to have my writing read by others.

I am not extremely talented in the written word, but I do have daily occurrences that are much too complex or exciting to become a simple Facebook status update. I really could rant on my horrible writing skills for hours, but that would not get me anywhere. So I am blogging to improve myself. I hope to not only gain a decent skill, but also to inspire others to write.

I am a photographer, painter, and soon to be housewife. I live in an ordinary town and have an ordinary family. There really isn’t anything special about me. I’m an Anime geek and I can speak broken Japanese, but that also is no longer a rarity.

My blog, like most others, will be nothing less than an online diary of life from day to day. It sounds pretty dull, but I hope to bring life into my writing by sharing projects, recipes and my most cherished hobbies.

Think you can take a chance on me?