Studio Project

January 22, 2011

So, my new apartment has this massive storage room. The space is a huge blessing for me. It is located directly off of the living-room, has electrical outlets and excellent lighting. I do not need the space for storage, so I have decided to use it as a studio space.

Studio Space

A working space is very important for artists. Being in a cramped corner is not good for creative flow or general attitude. Having a space of my own that I can completely customize to suit my needs is a wonderful thing.

My first objective is to clean the space up. It needs a good sweeping and dusting. I also need to find a responsible use for the over abundance of carpets lying on the floor. This is where I am currently stuck. I would love to send the carpets to be recycled, but it is very expensive to recycle carpet! I have thought to cut the larger carpet into 1ft squares and find a way to naturally dye it. I haven’t researched the idea much, but a tiled rug would definitely be a wonderful thing to gain considering how much they cost in store. I still have no idea what to do with the smaller rugs though. Obviously I will look for a new home for them first, but beyond that I am lost. I am asking my readers for help. I need ideas or tips to make my studio more eco-friendly and budget friendly.


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