Take A Chance On Me

January 22, 2011

First off I would like to share that this is one of the biggest leaps I have ever taken. Almost nothing terrifies me more than to have my writing read by others.

I am not extremely talented in the written word, but I do have daily occurrences that are much too complex or exciting to become a simple Facebook status update. I really could rant on my horrible writing skills for hours, but that would not get me anywhere. So I am blogging to improve myself. I hope to not only gain a decent skill, but also to inspire others to write.

I am a photographer, painter, and soon to be housewife. I live in an ordinary town and have an ordinary family. There really isn’t anything special about me. I’m an Anime geek and I can speak broken Japanese, but that also is no longer a rarity.

My blog, like most others, will be nothing less than an online diary of life from day to day. It sounds pretty dull, but I hope to bring life into my writing by sharing projects, recipes and my most cherished hobbies.

Think you can take a chance on me?